All-Hydrangea Taxa excluding H. macrophylla

List compiled by Peter R Smith and updated January 2010 Please note: This list is a working document and may contain errors.  An asterix after the name indicates taxa that we have been unable to locate in any gardens or nurseries and we fear many of these taxa may already be lost from cultivation HOW YOU CAN HELP US TO IMPROVE THIS LIST We would be very pleased if you could:

  • Let us know if you notice any errors in the list.
  • Let us know if you grow any of the asterix marked plants in your garden or nursery or know where they are grown, (If you could donate a spare plant that would be fantastic!)
  • Supply us with a short description for any taxa currently lacking a description or with only a very brief description.
arborescens ‘Chestatee’ *
Flowers 5 – 7 cm wide  pink in bud opening white, with few sterile... Read more
arborescens ‘Eco Pink Puff’ (M.Dirr)
A bushy plant with light pink flowers.  Found by Don Jacobs ofEco Gardens,USA Gardens... Read more
arborescens ‘Emerald Lace’
With incised, jagged leaves (Michael Dirr, Hydrangeas forAmericanGarden) Gardens found in the 28 pre... Read more
arborescens ‘Green Knight’ * M.Dirr
Grows to 2m Flowers white turning green, Found in the wild in theUSA(Encyclopedia of... Read more
arborescens ‘Hayes Starburst’ (Hayes Jackson)
A double flowered form, reported by the American Hydrangea society in 2005, Flowers start... Read more
arborescens ‘Highland Lace’ * M.Dirr
Collected in the Appalachian MountainsUSA.  With Huge flower heads (as large as Annabelle) (Encyclopedia... Read more
arborescens ‘Hulsdonk’
A form with only fertile florets similar to the wild form but with larger... Read more
arborescens ‘Incrediball’ (Wood; Timothy D, Spring Lake, MI) 2008
Syn. Abetwo A new and distinct cultivar characterized by its upright and mounded plant... Read more
arborescens ‘Macrophylla’ *
Name means with large leaves Gardens found in the 28 pre 2000 surveyed:   No... Read more