Species - aspera

Native of China,Taiwanand theHimalayas, this species is vary variable in the size the plants, leaves and the flower colour.  They all have large, rough, hairy leaves and hairy stems.  The largest and roughest was known as sub species sargentiana, but this one is now recognized as a separate species.  They have flat flower heads made up of a central area of fertile florets and the colour of these may vary from wishy-washy blue to an intense deep blue depending on the form or cultivar.  The fertile florets are surrounded by mauve sterile florets.  Some excellent cultivars have been bred recently such as ‘Anthony Bulivard and Sam McDonald’

aspera f. kawakamii Hayta

Bed L: Plant 09 Native toFormosaand discovered in 1875 Under 2m high.  Late flowering with flowers having fertile florets are deep violet contrasting with the brilliant white sterile florets... Read more

Hydrangea aspera ‘Hot Chocolate’

A wonderful combination of dark greens, bronze, browns and delicate pinks and mauves. Read more

Hydrangea aspera ‘Taiwan Pink’

This aspera has given us a pleasant surprise this year.  After not performing well for a number of years, a hard prune 2 years ago has brought new life. ... Read more