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macrophylla ‘Ami Pasquier’

Bed V: Plant 49 & Bed G: Plant 11 AM AGM A popular cultivar that was bred from seedling from ‘Marcel Foch’  It is a vigorous plant growing up 1.2m with bright red... Read more

macrophylla ‘Ayesha’ (from Japan )

Bed Q: Plant 21   Syn. Silver Slipper, & Uzu Ajisai.   AM; AGM 1992 Pale pink or clear sky-blue flowers depending on acidity.  Unusual lilac shaped  curved  spoon-like florets... Read more

macrophylla ‘Bailmer’

Bed Z: Plant 07 (Grown at the Bailey Nursery) (Syn. Endless Summer) Endless Summer series, and often called ‘Endless Summer’ This cultivar flowers on new wood (remontant)  A new... Read more