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macrophylla ‘Bavaria’

Bed Z: Plant 39 A striking plant with bicoloured flowers.  The sepals are deep pink or blue on acid soils and have a broad white edge UK Plant Finder 2010... Read more

macrophylla ‘Blauling’ (Wadenswill 1984)

Bed J: Plant 17 Teller Series A beautiful vigorous growing Lacecap that when grown on acid soil has fertile florets that are dark blue, surrounded by the sterile florets that have only three... Read more
macrophylla ‘Brestenburg’    (Haller, 1972)

macrophylla ‘Brestenburg’ (Haller, 1972)

Bed G: Plant 15 A dwarf cultivar with many rounded mopheads,  The flowers are a spectacular intense deep blue when grown in acid soils.  This photograph was taken while still... Read more