Species - involucrata

Native of Japan, this species forms a small shrub with dull green bristly leaves and stems, bearing at their tips, small mauve flowers opening from buds encased in six downy bracts (involucrate) which fall off as the flower opens.  The cultivar ‘Hortensis’ was bred to have pretty double pink flowers and further breeding has now produced even better forms with larger and deeper coloured double flowers.

involucrata ‘Yokundanka’

involucrata ‘Yokundanka’

Bed T: Plant 07 Double White Flowers, tinged pink and ageing green, Sepals serrated and undulating.  Requires sheltered semi-shade UK Plant Finder 2012 = 4 nurseries Our plant was... Read more

involucrata ‘Yokuldanka’

Bed F: Plant 15 A beautiful form.  Fertile florets deep pink.  Sterile florets double pale pink with yellow petals in the centre. UK Plant finder: not listed. Read more

involucrate ‘Hortensis’

Bed C: Plant 01 & Bed P: Plant 17 The name means of gardens, or cultivated   AM 1956, 1992 A distinctive drooping double flowered form of H. involurata with... Read more