Species - macrophylla – Lacecaps

Hydrangea macrophylla is native of China, Korea, and the Himalayas.  The original form; H.macrophylla var.normalis has broad leaves and lacecap flower heads with mostly small fertile florets surrounded by a few of the larger sterile florets. However, intensive breeding programs soon produced improved lacecap cultivars with many more and larger sterile florets and in a wider range of hues.

macrophylla ‘Green Shadow’ (Van Bergen/Hofstede)

Bed K: Plant 22 Rosy-red flowers with green spots in the centre of the sepals on a compact plant. Free-flowering but probably best as a container plant. (1m) (Ours... Read more

macrophylla ‘Green Tonic’

Bed C: Plant 31 With leaves heavily pigmented red.  Flowers pale blue on acid soils UK Plant Finder: Not listed Read more

macrophylla ‘Hatsushime’

Bed M: Plant 19 With Narrow leaves and Pale lilac flowers around a blue centre UK Plant Finder 2012 = 1 Read more