Species - macrophylla – Lacecaps

Hydrangea macrophylla is native of China, Korea, and the Himalayas.  The original form; H.macrophylla var.normalis has broad leaves and lacecap flower heads with mostly small fertile florets surrounded by a few of the larger sterile florets. However, intensive breeding programs soon produced improved lacecap cultivars with many more and larger sterile florets and in a wider range of hues.

macrophylla ‘Snow’

Bed U: Plant 16 A sport from ‘Libelle’ It is similar, but has even more pure white sterile florets which almost conceal the small fertile flowers. 1.5m Gardens found... Read more

macrophylla ‘Soraya’ (Dutch Ladies Series)

Bed B: Plant 15 Fertile florets greenish blue surrounded by pale blue sterile florets UK Plant Finder: 2012 = 1 Read more

macrophylla ‘Sturdy Napling’

Bed E: Plant 18 Flowers semi-double.  Sepals a cloudy purplish pink with entire edges UK Plant Finder: Not listed. Read more