Species - macrophylla – Mopheads

Hydrangea macrophylla is native of China, Korea, and the Himalayas.  The original form; H.macrophylla var.normalis has broad leaves and lacecap flower heads with mostley small fertile florets surounded by a few of the larger sterile florets. However, intensive breeding programs soon produced improved lacecap cultivars and cultivars with very few or no fertile florets.  The result of this, is a change in the flower shape from flat to large globe shaped flower heads.  This is the typical Mophead Hydrangea also called Hydrangea ‘Hortensis’

macrophylla ‘Yola’

Bed E: Plant 03 Flowers deep pink-purple with a pale centres when young UK Plant Finder Last listed in 2006 Read more

macrophylla ‘Zambia’

Bed D: Plant 06 (Black Steel series) A recently introduced cultivar that produces the much-loved flower clusters throughout summer and autumn, but these are carried on lustrous, near-black stems. ... Read more

macrophylla Rose Bouquet Emile Lemoine 1907

Bed D: Plant 30 Flowers up to 16cm wide with closely grouped pom-poms of sterile florets.  Pink or clear violet on acid soil.  On alkaline soil it is cream... Read more