Species - macrophylla – Mopheads

Hydrangea macrophylla is native of China, Korea, and the Himalayas.  The original form; H.macrophylla var.normalis has broad leaves and lacecap flower heads with mostley small fertile florets surounded by a few of the larger sterile florets. However, intensive breeding programs soon produced improved lacecap cultivars and cultivars with very few or no fertile florets.  The result of this, is a change in the flower shape from flat to large globe shaped flower heads.  This is the typical Mophead Hydrangea also called Hydrangea ‘Hortensis’

macrophylla ‘Altona’ (Schadendorff 1931)

Bed G: Plant 07 & Bed Q: Plant 22 & Bed L: Plant 06 AGM 1992 A strong but medium sized cultivar with large mopheads of rose-pink flower heads on alkaline... Read more

macrophylla ‘America’ (Mouillere 1928)

Bed V: Plant 17 Syn.. Amaranthe Flowers starting out green then turning yellow before opening a clear light pink with white centre and pink eye UK Plant Finder: Not... Read more

macrophylla ‘Amethyst’ (Haworth-Booth 1938)

Bed U: Plant 24 A small slender, compact cultivar that was bred from H. m. ‘Europa’  The florets are irregular and dished and are semi double with serrated sepals. The... Read more