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Putting on Growth

Over the last couple of weeks the hydrangeas have caught up with growth.  The leaves are completely out now and the flower buds are taking off.  Some of the... Read more

Pruning Hydrangea paniculata

The paniculatas have been pruned because they will grow flowers on this year’s growth.  If you prune severely to the first 2 buds, you’ll get fewer very large heads. ... Read more

New Season and Open Day 2018

The new season is about to begin for us.  The plants are already putting on new growth.  We have a new timetable for the volunteer gardening work which is... Read more
Have you got

Have you got

We are trying to find plants of two cultivars of Hydrangea paniculata that have until quite recently been available from nurseries in the UK but are no longer available. They... Read more

Walled Garden Gates Closing 2017

The 2017 Season is now over and it’s time to close the gates of the walled garden.  The outer garden can still be part of a walk in Darley... Read more