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Frosty and Sunny April 2017

You’ll notice from the photo there’s been a lot of frost damage over the past 2 weeks. The tips of the leaves on the top of the plants look... Read more

Every Little Helper

Volunteers have been looking after the 140 plants plant-breeder Jean Renault brought us last year, until they are big enough to go in the garden.  It doesn’t matter how big... Read more

What’s Been Happening

  We started our Tuesday and Saturday mornings work on the 7th March and volunteers have just finished pruning the paniculatas and arborescens which will flower on this year’s... Read more

Season 2017

The season has begun and green shoots are already appearing on the macrophyllas.  We have a gardening timetable of Tuesday mornings from 10 to 12 with a coffee break... Read more

Andy Potter of Radio Derby

Andy Potter came to our collection in the early days of its existence. He turned up one sunny morning with his microphone and asked us the questions which fitted... Read more