Species - paniculata

Native of Chine & Japan this species has it’s flowers in panicles (long tapering cones) these usually hang from the branches but may sometimes grow upright.  They normally form a large bush with vigorous ascending and spreading branches.  The will flower on new wood and respond well to pruning by producing larger panicles.  The first cultivars were all white, however many new cultivars have been bred that have flowers that turn pink and even red as they mature.

paniculata ‘Praecox’ (C S Sargent, Arnold Arboretum, USA)

Bed S: Plant 32 & Bed G: Plant 12 (name means Early)  AGM 1984, 1992  AM 1956  FCC 1973 A very sturdy shrub up to 16′, with thick, strong... Read more
paniculata ‘Rendia’  (Jean Renault)

paniculata ‘Rendia’ (Jean Renault)

Bed S: Plant 43 Syn. Diamant Rouge This new Hydrangea, bred by Jean Renault, is exceptional for its abundant and long lasting flowers, and one of the reddest of... Read more
paniculata ‘Ruby’

paniculata ‘Ruby’

Bed S: Plant 29 Syn. ‘Angels Blush’ With a slender and graceful growth habit, smaller but more numerous flower bracts, smaller panicles which start out creamy white  in summer... Read more