Species - paniculata

Native of Chine & Japan this species has it’s flowers in panicles (long tapering cones) these usually hang from the branches but may sometimes grow upright.  They normally form a large bush with vigorous ascending and spreading branches.  The will flower on new wood and respond well to pruning by producing larger panicles.  The first cultivars were all white, however many new cultivars have been bred that have flowers that turn pink and even red as they mature.

paniculata ‘Starlight Fantasy’

Bed P: Plant 14 Syn. Degustar A large cultivar with large star-like florets in large white panicles Gardens Surveyed UK 2010 : DA UK Plant Finder: Not listed.   Read more
paniculata ‘Sundae Fraise’   (Jean Renault )

paniculata ‘Sundae Fraise’ (Jean Renault )

Bed S: Plant 37 Syn. ‘Rensun’PBR With large well packed panicles that start of white and turn a bright pink from the base upward.  A similar colour to ‘Vanilla... Read more
paniculata ‘Taiwan Form’  (Grug Farm)

paniculata ‘Taiwan Form’ (Grug Farm)

Bed U: plant 37 With distinctly subtle and dainty, open panicles and red stems. In the  RHS & European Trials at Wisley.  They said: “A good cultivar” UK Plant... Read more