Species - quercifolia

This species is a native of the USA, and is easily recognised by its large Oak-shaped leaves which often turn reddish in the autumn before they fall.  The flowers are formed in short, broad panicles and are mostly white or cream in colour.  The first cultivars had a 50:50 mix of fertile and sterile florets, but cultivars have now been bred that have densely packed sterile florets forming dense heavy heads that weigh down the thin branches at one extreme; to cultivars with only a sparse covering of sterile florets at the other extreme.  It grows well against a wall where it will use the wall for support and grow up without clinging.

quercifolia ‘Sikes Dwarf’

Bed B: Plant 21b Dwarf form with pure white sterile florets half covering the fertile florets UK Plant Finder: 2012 = 9 nurseries Read more

quercifolia ‘Snowflake’

Bed H:  Plant 12 (syn. Brido) A very showy cultivar and deservedly popular.  The double flowers are most distinctive, one of my favourite cultivars of any oak-leaf hydrangea.  Each individual double... Read more