Species - seratta

This species is native of Japan and as much of both collecting from the wild and breeding of new cultivars has been carried out in Japan most have Japanese names.  They are mostley smaller and more delicately structured that H.macrophylla lacecaps.  Their leaves are smaller and thinner and often colour reddish in the autumn.  The flowers heads are also smaller and more delicate, however this does not distract from their beauty as there are plenty of stunningly beautiful cultivars now available.

serrata ‘Chinensis’

Bed C: Plant 14 The name means From China.  A slender plant never getting taller than 40cm.  The small lace-cap flowers are a pure pink and reluctant to turn... Read more

serrata ‘Fuji Snowstorm’

Not yet planted into the collection: This is a variegated cultivar that originated in Mill Cottage Nursery.  It has narrow pale green leaves speckled all over with white.  The... Read more
serrata ‘Fuji Snowstorm’   (larch cottage)

serrata ‘Fuji Snowstorm’ (larch cottage)

Bed C: Plant 27 This cultivar is a sport from a plant of serrate ‘Fuji’ and was found at the Larch Cottage nursery.  It has small white lacecap flowers... Read more