Zulu * (H) (Klaveren; Arie D, De Kwakel, 1424 PE, NL) 2008

Zulu * (H) (Klaveren; Arie D, De Kwakel, 1424 PE, NL) 2008

A new cultivar characterized by its strong stems that are dark purple-brown to purple-black in colour, its dwarf plant habit, its dark green foliage, and its mophead type inflorescences that form a flattened mound and are pink in colour (bluer in colour depending with alkaline pH and sufficient aluminium levels). It was selected as a single unique plant from amongst seedlings that were grown in a seedbed and derived from open pollination of Hydrangea macrophylla `Blaumeise`. The male parent of `Zulu` is unknown.

US Patent PP20316, September 15, 2009

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