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Species & Cultivars

anomala ssp. petiolaris ‘Kuga Variegated’ * (Shimizu, Toshiro, Yamaguchi, JP)
Height & Width:

A cultivar having new shoots and foliage that emerges white, cream, pale yellow to pink on pink stems. The leaves go through a phase in which they are flecked/dotted cream to pale yellow sometimes with margin pale yellow in an irregular variegated pattern. Mature foliage is iridescent with leaves becoming green. It was discovered as a branch sport in a controlled planting of an unnamed, unpatented Hydrangea anomala subspecies petiolaris plant in Kuga-Cho, Kuga-Gun,Yamaguchi Prefecture,Japan, by Mr. Toshiro Shimuzu.

United States Patent PP13247, 11/19/2002

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