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arborescens ‘Incrediball’ (Wood; Timothy D, Spring Lake, MI) 2008
Height & Width:

Syn. Abetwo

A new and distinct cultivar characterized by its upright and mounded plant habit; strong and sturdy stems; dark green-colored leaves; and large mophead-type inflorescences with numerous white-colored sterile flowers.   It originated from an open-pollination in 2002 of the Hydrangea arborescens `Annabelle`, as the female, or seed parent and an unknown selection of Hydrangea arborescens. The new Hydrangea was discovered and selected by the Inventor in 2004.  A remarkable cultivar similar to ‘Annabel’ but with even larger flower heads. They are absolutely huge, the size of footballs.

USPatent PP20571, December 15, 2009

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