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Ayesha (H) (from Japan )
Height & Width:

Syn. Silver Slipper, & Uzu Ajisai

Awards: AM; AGM 1992

Pale pink or clear sky-blue flowers depending on acidity.  Unusual lilac shaped  curved  spoon-like florets in flattish heads which are also slightly fragrant.  A large plant with a long flowering period retaining its leaves until late autumn.  Slightly more tender than other macrophylla varieties.  Originating inJapan.  Plants with flower heads, Half Ayesha and half Joseph Banks are known fromTrebahGardenand the Sir Harold Hillier Arboretum.

Gardens found in 28 pre 2000 surveys DA LHS WAK WIN LAG KEW TR WS RW ABG ABJ WAA MS

Gardens UK 2010: DA LHS WS HIL ESVNANJCR AW  ABG (as Silver Slipper)

UK  Plant Finder 2012 = 38 nurseries


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