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Buttons n, Bows (H) (Usrey, William B , Dayton, OR)
Height & Width:

Syn. Monrey

A cultivar distinguished by a unique combination of deep pink flower sepals with margins edged white, this white margin is different from other cultivars which typically possesses solid colored sepals.

The overall effect of the white margins which defines each floret is a clean, clear appearance to the inflorescence.

The lustrous deep green foliage is a darker more intense olive green color when compared to other cultivars. This deep green enhances the inflorescence by contrasting the colors. Cooler weather promotes a light burgundy color on the upper surface of the foliage.

It was the result of a discovery of a naturally occurring branch sport of a proprietary Hydrangea in the test area at Monrovia Nursery,Azusa,California.

USPatent PP11405;  06/06/2000

UK  Plant Finder 2012: Not listed.  (www.monrovia.com)


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