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Expression (H) (Irie; Ryoji, Kyoto, JP) 2006
Height & Width:

Syn.. You-me-six &  RIE 06

One of the new breed of re-blooming hydrangeas, which will flower for far longer than many of the older types, but this is the first in its class to have double flowers. In good conditions, you should see the first flowers emerging in late spring or early summer, pink on neutral or alkaline soils and blue on acidic ones. They will then carry on appearing in big, rounded clusters, right up until the first frosts. More compact than many other mopheads, it is ideal for pots, where they can be used to provide summer-long colour to the patio, or place it in a prominent spot towards the front of a shrub border. Grows to 1m

USPatent PP18393, January 1, 2008

UK  Plant Finder 2012: Not listed    (www.crocus.co.uk & www.hydrangeaworld.com ) 2012


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