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164_FoundationDerbyshire_Logo_Colour_CMYKAs a national collection, we are expected to have all our the plants labelled.  In 2014 we found some funding to buy the reconstituted plastic posts onto which we attached an engraved plaque with the genus, species and cultivar of the plant.  The engraving machine is an ancient thing kept in the Rangers Office with a label asking them not to consider it an anachronism in this digital age and not to throw it out!   The label once it is stamped out is screwed to the post and placed in front of the plant so there can be no mistake about what the plant is.  There are other ways of labelling plants which aren’t so labour intensive but we’ve been praised for the clarity and permanence that this system brings so we are keeping with it.  Last year we made a bid to Foundation Derbyshire so we could buy the remaining 140 posts that we need.  They granted our application so we went along to TDP Ltd near Wirksworth, who’d been keeping to a quote they gave us last year, for which many thanks, paid for and took delivery of said 140 posts.  Job done.

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