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Frau Machiko (H) (Ebihara, Hiroshi, Ninomiya, JP) 1995
Height & Width:

Syn. Angel Wings

This cultivar originated as a seedling from the inventor’s controlled hybridization of the H.macrophylla cultivars `Madam Blumkock` and `Silver-Edge` and is distinguished from its parents by the unique pigmentation pattern which gives a cruciform appearance to its florets. Sepal color is predominately white with blue or pink pigmentation. Sepal pigmentation of individual plants depends on the nutrients and pH of the growing medium. The pigmentation begins at the base of the flower and fades to white as it progresses across the length and width of the sepals. The color is deepest in the 5-7 middle veins of the sepals.

USPatent PP09510; 16/04/1996

UK  Plant Finder 2012: Not listed.


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