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Frau Reiko (H) (Ebihara, Hiroshi, Ninomiya, JP) 1996
Height & Width:

Syn. Angel Lace & PP9,500

A distinct cultivar which originated as a seedling from controlled hybridization of the cultivars H.macrophylla var normalis (Thunb.) and H.macrophylla  var. hortensia `Silver-Edge`.  It is a lace cap Hydrangea characterized by an inflorescence consisting predominantly of non-sepalous florets in the center with some open florets on the perimeter. The non-sepalous buds open to provide a pink or violet background to the exposed white pollen. The color of the sepalous buds, is predominately blue or pink with narrow delineated, finely serrated white edges. The pigmentation begins at the apex and fades slightly as it progresses across the length and width of the sepals, and then turns white 5 mm or less from edge. Dark pigmentation occasionally reaches the edge of the sepal the apex. The sepals are also characterized by their finely serrate edges.

USPatent PP09500; 09/04/1996

Gardens found in the 10 surveyed in 2010: JCR

UK  Plant Finder 2012: Not listed.


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