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Horath PBR * (Meinl; Katrin, Dresden, DE) 2008
Height & Width:

The new variety was discovered in 2002 in a planned breeding program inDresden,Germany. The purpose of the breeding program was to develop compact, blue Hydrangeas. The new variety is the result of a cross between breeding selection 30-89/3 (female parent) and `Venice Raven` (male parent), also referred to as Venedig). The vigour and growth habit of `Horath` are similar to 30-89/3, but `Horath` differs in flower colour and foliage characteristics. The branching habit and inflorescence diameter of `Horath` are similar to `Venice Raven`, but `Horath` differs in colour and growth habit.

US Patent PP21291, September 14, 2010

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