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HYDone * (H) (Fotinos, Peter (905 S. Patterson Ave., Santa Barbara, CA, US)
Height & Width:

A distinct and novel rose variety due to its abundant rose-green or blue-green flowers, attractive long lasting foliage, vigorous and compact growth, year round flowering under glasshouse conditions, suitability for production from softwood cuttings in pots, and durable flowers and foliage which make the variety suitable for distribution in the floral industry.  This cultivar was developed by artificially pollinating an unnamed seedling with another unnamed seedling. The two parents were crossed in the spring of 2002 and the resulting seed was sown in September 2002, in a controlled glasshouse environment. Out of these seedlings one seedling was selected, as the new variety and named `HYDone’
USA Patent PP17741; 15/05/2005

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