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Species & Cultivars

Lady in Red (L) (Michael A. Watkinsville, GA Dirr.)
Height & Width:

In this cultivar the sterile florets mature from pale pink to burgundy rose. It has lustrous reddish-purple leaf venation, petiole and stem color, and the foliage develops a red-purple fall color. The plant has high mildew resistance. Flowers for 5-10 weeks

It is the result of a controlled  at theUniversityofGeorgia,Athens,Ga.and the Centre for Applied Nursery Research,Dearing,Ga.  It originated from open-pollinated Hydrangea macrophylla `Otaksa` and one single plant was selected from 265 seedlings.

USPatent PP15175; 28/09/2004

Gardens found in 28 pre 2000 surveys DA

Gardens found in the 10 surveyed in 2010: DA HIL ESV NAN JCR

UK  Plant Finder 2012 = 3 nursery


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