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Lapis Luzuli * (H) (Ichie; Toyokazu, Kakegawa-city, Shizuoka, JP) 2009
Height & Width:

A new cultivar characterized by its strong blooming habit, its ability to re-bloom on new growth after deadheading, its consistently formed, hortensia type inflorescences with sterile flower sepals that are rounded to broadly ovate in shape and dark blue in colour with a white central area when grown under acidic soil conditions and bright pink in colour with a white central area when grown under alkaline soil conditions, its compact growth habit with strong stems that enable pot culture without the need for staking, its dark green glossy foliage and its hardiness.

It originated as a seedling from seed sown of Hydrangea macrophylla by the Inventor in 1994 inShizuoka,Japan. The parents of `Lapis Lazuli` are unknown. The new Hydrangea was selected as a unique single plant from amongst the seedling 2001.

USPatent  PP21101, June 29, 2010

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