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macrophylla ‘Dolce Gypsy’
Height & Width:

Bed J: Plant 12

syn. macrophylla ‘Gypsy’

DOLCE ® Gipsy is bushy and well branched, producing an abundance of flowers.
It has average growth and a round shape.  In June and July, this very floriferous shrub is covered in flowers of an original shade of pink, thanks to its many flat flower heads. The large crown of sterile, white, pale pink and then dark pink flowers, contrasts with the large darker ring of smaller fertile flowers.  The young purple leaves complete the harmony.

Our plant obtained from  the nursery ‘A Place for Plants’ in 2013

Photo to follow when our plant flowers
The ‘Dolce’ range of Hydrangeas includes:  Fragola, Gipsy and Kiss.




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