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macrophylla ‘Dolce Kiss’
Height & Width:

Bed J: Plant 21

Syn. macrophylla ‘Kiss’

Being part of the ‘Kiyosumi’ family, DOLCE ® Kiss has stunning flat sterile flower heads: the finely scalloped white sepals are edged in red. They bloom in June – July and have some second flowering in August -September, on the young shoots of the currant year.
This cultivation distinguishes itself by its compactness. It is well branched, of excellent growth.
The foliage is naturally deep purple: the young reddish brown leaves add extra interest to this shrub.

The ‘Dolce’ range includes: Farfalle, Fragola, Gipsy and Kiss.


Our plant was obtained from the nursery ‘ A place for Plants in 2013


Photo to follow when our plant flowers





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