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macrophylla ‘Bailmer’
Height & Width:

Bed Z: Plant 07

(Grown at the Bailey Nursery) (Syn. Endless Summer)

Endless Summer series, and often called ‘Endless Summer’

This cultivar flowers on new wood (remontant)  A new cultivar characterized by its ability to bloom on new growth without a cold requirement, its deep green and comparatively mildew resistant foliage, and flowers that are either pink or blue in color depending on soil levels of available aluminum.  Flowers for up to 35 weeks

It was discovered in a cultivated garden inSt. Paul,Minnesotain the summer of 1983. The inventor observed the new invention for a three year period and recognized that it was unique in that it bloomed dependably in a Zone 4 climate and consistently displayed deep green, disease-free foliage when grown at Bailey Nursery inMinnesota.

Woody plant expert Dr. Michael A. Dirr of theUniversityofGeorgiahad long been in search of a perpetual-flowering Hydrangea macrophylla. In 1998, on a visit to Bailey Nurseries inMinnesota, Dr. Dirr saw a hydrangea in one of the Bailey trial blocks that caught his eye. The plant had been discovered by a Bailey employee and had gone largely unattended for some time. Dr. Dirr took cuttings back to theUniversityofGeorgia, where extensive testing proved that this plant was, indeed, perpetual-flowering. We thank Dr. Dirr for his research efforts. Without his expert eye for Hydrangeas, we wouldn’t be enjoying the beauty of ‘Bialmer’ today!

USAPatent PP15298; 09/11/2004

UK Plant Finder: 2012 = 7 nurseries


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