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macrophylla ‘Fantasia’
Height & Width:

Bed Z: Plant 28

A new and distinct cultivar characterized by pink and green bicoloured flowers, medium green-coloured foliage, and moderately vigorous, broad-upright growth habit.  It originated from a cross pollination. The female (seed) parent of the new cultivar is Hydrangea macrophylla `Adria`, characterized by its pink-coloured florets. The male (pollen) parent of the new cultivar a proprietary macrophylla breeding selection designated 98-92-1, characterized by its pink-coloured florets that mature to green, large leaves and long stem length.  A fantastic cultivar when at its best.

USPatent PP21169, July 20, 2010

UK Plant Finder 2012 = 1 Nursery


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