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macrophylla ‘Magical Amethyst’ (Kolster, Boskoop, NL)
Height & Width:

Bed D: Plant 07 

Syn.. Hokoamethyst

A new and distinct cultivar characterized by its broadly upright plant habit; strong erect stems; relatively small leaves; and mophead-type inflorescences with red purple-coloured with green-coloured margins.  It is a naturally-occurring whole plant mutation of Hydrangea macrophylla `Xian’  Kolster say: “This very special selection has green flowers with purplish pink spots, changing colour into deep green.”  US Patent: PP22261. November 22, 2011

UK Plant Finder 2009: Not listed.

Our plant was obtained from the Penventon nursery in Cornwall in 2013

Photo to follow when our plant flowers



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