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Midnight Duchess (L) (Dirr; Michael A, Bogart, GA) 2002
Height & Width:

Syn.. Hymmad II

This cultivar has multi-rowed pink lacecap inflorescences that maintain the colour in the presence and absence of aluminium. Inflorescences mature to a beautiful lime green. The habit is rounded with strong purple-black stems that hold the flowers upright. The lustrous, leathery, bullate, black-green leaves are highly mildew resistant.

It originated from open-pollination of Hydrangea macrophylla `Nigra` (also know as `Mandschurica`) the pollen donor being unknown. It was selected at theUniversityofGeorgia,Athens,Ga.in 2002,

USPatent PP18282, December 4, 2007

UK  Plant Finder 2012: Not listed. (waysidegardencentre.com) 2009


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