New Trees Added

8 new trees have been added to the hydrangea garden. 4 for the outer garden and 4 in the walled garden.  They are all birches and will add dappled shade and winter interest with their colourful barks.  They all come from Barcham  Tree Specialist.

Betula albosinensis Fascination

Betula ermanii

Betula maximowicziana

Betula nigra

Betula pendula Dalecarlica

Betula pendula purpurea

Betula utilis jacquemontii

Thank you to Derby City Council for providing them and the 2 tree planters from Derwent Treescapes who cheerfully put them in the ground and carefully surrounded them with sturdy supports, in not so clement weather.   They have added these to the 300 trees they plant between them every year.

They are a wonderful addition to this area of Darley Open Spaces and will provide an extra attraction for all visitors. P2200001 600 P2220016 600 P2220006 600


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