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paniculata ‘Bombshell’ (Schoemaker; A F, Boskoop)
Height & Width:

Bed S: Plant 40

A new cultivar characterized by its panicles that are nearly rounded in shape, its abundance of sterile  with sepals that are elliptic in shape and emerge white with a pink eye and changing to rosy as they mature, its free blooming habit from mid summer to fall, and its compact growth habit.  A Compact habit, up to 1m and prolific blooming make ‘Bombshell’ a garden break through.  It has abundant white blooms covering the dark green foliage from summer until frost.  It is incredibly well balanced and is said to have more flowers per plant than any other paniculata cultivar.  It was discovered by the inventor in his nursery in Boskoop, The Netherlands in May of 2003. `Bombshell` arose as a naturally occurring branch mutation on Hydrangea paniculata `Grandiflora` that was growing in a container. US Patent PP21008, May 25, 2010

UK Plant finder 2012 = 2 Nurseries

Our plant was obtained from Swine Meadow nursery in 2013

Photo to follow when our plant flowers


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