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paniculata ‘Limelight’ (P. Zwijnenburg Jr, Boskoop, NL,1990)
Height & Width:

Bed V: Plant 28 & Bed P: Plant 18

PennsylvaniaHort. Soc. Gold Medal 2006

AGM 2008 &PennsylvaniaHort. Soc. Gold Medal 2006

An outstanding cultivar with large flowers which start pale green before turning white and then red.  Well branched, medium sized shrub 6 – 10 feet, with 8 being the average, and 5 to 8 feet wide. The flowers carry only sterile ray-flowers and the panicles are almost as big as those of ‘Grandiflora’, but ‘Limelight’ turns more to pink than does ‘Grandiflora’  according to Van Gelderen.  The trials report from Wisley said Excellent cultivar

It originated from a cross by the Inventor of two unidentified selections of Hydrangea paniculata.

United StatesPatent 20020120968; 08/29/2002

UK Plant Finder: 2012 = 45 nurseries


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