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paniculata ‘Little Lime’ (Spring Meadow) 2011
Height & Width:

Bed U: Plant 35

Syn. ‘Jane’ & PPAF)

This cultivar is a dwarf form of the ever popular ‘Limelight’   Little Lime Hydrangea sports the same great flowers and coloration as Limelight but at one third the size you can fit it in any spot in your garden.  The dark green leaves are crowded on each strong stem. Blooms form in July and stay lime green for a long time in most environments, and then slowly turning white and finally aging green with hints of pink and red.  This is an easy to grow plant with reliable flowering and flower colour regardless of soil.

US Patent: PP22330:  December 13, 2011 

A new and distinct cultivar of Hydrangea plant named `Jane`, characterized by its compact, upright and mounded plant habit; freely branching habit; strong and sturdy stems that hold inflorescences upright; and large mophead-type inflorescences with numerous light green-colored sterile flowers that with development become grayed purple in color.

UK Plant Finder 2012: Not listed.

Our Plant was obtained from Grasslands Nursery

Photo to follow when our plant flowers


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