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paniculata ‘Pinky Winky’ (Melle Research Station, Belgium 2003)
Height & Width:

Bed Z: Plant 05

(syn. ‘D.V.P.Pinky’ )

A popular cultivar, with massive two-toned white and pink flowers and strong upright red stems.  The flower heads continue to grow through the season and as the older flowers turn pink the new flowers emerge white.  It has dark reddish stems that contrast with the dark green foliage and two-toned pink and white flowers.  In the RHS Trials at Wisley, They said: Very distinct, sturdy and upright.  Good dark red stems and pink sterile florets at maturity, probably the deepest pink.  Responds well to pruning.  Suitable for small gardens.

UK Plant Finder: 2012 = 21 nurseries


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