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paniculata ‘Ruby’ (Jelena De Belder, Monrovia Nursery Company) 1997
Height & Width:

Syn. ‘Angels Blush’

With a slender and graceful growth habit, smaller but more numerous flower bracts, smaller panicles which start out creamy white  in summer and finish a dark rosy pink in October

A medium-sized shrub up to 10 feet, which is a seedling of ‘Pink Diamond’. The flower heads appear early in the season, white at first rapidly changing to pink, later turning to almost claret-red when mature. The flowering period is long, sometimes 10 weeks.

This cultivar was the result of three generations of field selection. The first generation was the selection  `Unique`, a seedling that originated from the well known cultivar `Floribunda`, who’s main attribute is numerous sterile flowers with showy sepals.  The second generation was a seedling derived from `Unique` named `Pink Diamond`  And finally `Ruby` resulted as a seedling from `Pink Diamond` after three years of field observation in flower, `Ruby` was selected in 1992 at my Hemelryck, 2910 Essen, Belgium.  It was selected on the basis of smaller daintier habit, numerous showy sepals and darker red autumn colored flower sepals.

USPatent PP10751, 01/12/1999

Gardens found in the 28 pre 2000 surveyed:   WR

Gardens found in the 10 surveyed in 2010: KAL NAN

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