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Species & Cultivars

Pepermint (H) (Irie, Ryoji, Kyoto, JP) 2006
Height & Width:

Syn.. RIE03  Forever & Ever series

A cultivar characterized by broad upright habit, large dark grey-green leaves and fertile flowers which carry bi-colored pink. A bicolour cultivar that flowers on new wood.  Sepals not overlapping, pink with broad white edges leaving only central strip pink.    The inventor assembled a collection of unnamed and unreleased hybrids from a sequence of deliberate pollinations involving the following cultivars, all unpatented, and available inJapan: Hydrangea macrophylla `Otafuku`, Hydrangea macrophylla, `Yamaajisai`, and Hydrangea macrophylla `Fijinishiritaki`. The inventor did not record which variety was used as male parent and which as female parent. In May 1993, the inventor carried out a deliberate pollination between one unnamed plant from the inventor’s collection as female parent and the variety Hydrangea macrophylla `Sumidanohanabi` (unpatented) as male parent.

USAPP18476;  05/02/2008

Gardens found in 28 pre 2000 surveys None found

UK  Plant Finder. Not listed.  (waysidegardencentre.com) 2009


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