Species & Cultivars

Princess Juliana (H)
Height & Width:

Round heads of pure white flowers.  Sterile florets remaining cup shaped with entire edges and a distinctive blue eye.  Hydrangea plus say: This wonderful white hydrangea is named for the modest and beloved Queen of theNetherlandswho passed away in fall 2004. We acquired this plant fromNew Zealandand it has surpassed all our expectations. We’ve found it blooms reliably every year (even young plants) and has dark green foliage that isn’t as susceptible to the other white hydrangea ailments like sun scorch and mildew. The blooms are white and age pink to red in the fall.

Gardens found in the 10 surveyed in 2010:NAN

UK  Plant Finder 2012: Not listed.  In 2009,  waysidegardencentre.com) 2009


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