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quercifolia ‘Vaughn’s Lillie’ (Billingsley, William Vaughn. Rabun Gap, GA) 2001
Height & Width:

A distinct cultivar characterized by its compact growth habit; short internodes; large conical to rounded inflorescences; showy white-colored sepals; and long flowering period.

This cultivar is compact without being dwarf, densely flowered, spectacularly coloured in                 autumn, well-branched year-round for a lovely silhouette, and it re flowers during the season.  The flowers are a rich creamy-white, packed so tightly onto enormous domed trusses 10 to 12                 inches long that at first they appear to be double-flowered.  The blooms arise heavily in early season, then reappear late in summer.  Also in autumn, the large leaves turn a brilliant shade of purplish-red and persist for several weeks before dropping. As they fall, however, the interesting peeling brown bark of the shrub is revealed.

It originated from a cross by the Inventors of two unnamed selections of Hydrangea quercifolia. The cultivar Vaughn’s Lillie was discovered and selected by the Inventors in 1994 as a single plant within the progeny of the stated cross in a controlled environment inRabun Gap,Ga

United States Patent PP12982, 09/17/2002

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