Season 2017

P6210006 660The season has begun and green shoots are already appearing on the macrophyllas.  We have a gardening timetable of Tuesday mornings from 10 to 12 with a coffee break at 11.  This includes every 4th Saturday, also from 10 – 12.  If you’d like a copy get in touch through the ‘Contact Us’ page.  As usual we’ll start with pruning the paniculatas and arborescens and continue on to thinning out the macrophyllas.  A lot of mulch has been added over the winter so the weeds shouldn’t be too much of a problem this year, although we do have a bit of encroaching ivy and bindweed that always needs tackling.  There are plenty of new cultivars to plant as well.  We want to continue to label the whole collection this year.  The gates will open at the end of July and our Open Day is on Sunday, 6th August but more details to follow on that.


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