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serrata Crug Cobalt’ (Grug Farm 2010)
Height & Width:

Bed J: Plant 18

Crug Farm say:  One of our original seed collections (BSWJ6241a) from the Mt. Unzen area of Kyushu, Japan in 1998. Of a very floriferous dwarf form of this amenable deciduous lacecap species hydrangea, bearing corymbs of strong blue lace-cap (pink in alkaline soil) flowers May-August. While the foliage ages to a purple cast if exposed to sun, as in the field where we grow the mother plants, which are still only a meter tall without pruning at around 10 years old. Easily grown in any type of drained fertile soil with a bit of moisture retention, in either sun or shade, but more moisture retention required

Gardens 2012: 1 Nursery (Grug Farm)

Our plant was obtained from Swine Meadow nursery in 2013

Photo to follow when our plant flowers


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