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Species & Cultivars

Venice Raven (H) (Rampp, Franz-xaver, Pfaffenhausen, DE ) 1997
Height & Width:

Syn.. CityLine Venice™

A distinct cultivar characterized by the bright fuchsia color of the flowers, compact size, early growth, cold storable, lack of need for chemical growth regulators in the early stage of cultivation and during forcing, and extremely high resistance to Botrytis.

It originated from a hybridization in a controlled breeding program at Rampp Jungpflanzen,Pfaffenhausen,Germany, in 1994. The female parent was the cultivar `Freudenstein` and the male parent was the cultivar `Bottstein`

USPatent PP10928;  01/06/1999

Gardens found in the 10 surveyed in 2010:NAN

UK  Plant Finder 2012: Not listed.


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