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Three large compost bins for recycling

Three large compost bins for recycling

We started our Tuesday and Saturday mornings work on the 7th March and volunteers have just finished pruning the paniculatas and arborescens which will flower on this year’s growth.  The others flower on last year’s growth so we don’t prune those until the new shoots appear.

A bed was cleared of duplicate and rogue plants and is now full of new paniculatas which will add to the ones we already have. Different varieties are always coming into the market and we, as a collection, are busy acquiring all of them.

Two volunteers spent Saturday morning making large compost bins from old pallets so we now have the windrow and bins to recycle our trimmings.

Community Payback have spent the winter months mulching the beds and we are very grateful for their contribution, as it will keep the weeding hours low. We still have some work to do on edging the grass paths.

We are moving towards having the whole collection labelled and mapped. This has been a huge project and will make a walk around the collection so much more informative.

The plugs and pots brought over from France have survived the winter but must be kept in pots until they fill a 9 or10 inch and we’re running out of them. If you have any spare could you leave them in the hydrangea garden near the notice board.



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