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White King (H) (Ichie; Toyokazu, Kakegawa-city, Shizuoka, JP) 2009
Height & Width:

Sun. (Snow Storm)  (BURPEE.COM)
A new cultivar characterized by its very early blooming habit, its ability to re-bloom on new growth after deadheading, its consistently well-formed, large-sized inflorescences that are white in colour and are resistant to sun scorching under high light intensity, its foliage that is resistant to powdery mildew, and its compact growth habit resulting in low maintenance.

A new, improved white hydrangea. The floriferous snow storm of mopheads arrives early and sticks around, blooming and re-blooming right up to the first frost. grows 1 – 1.5m high.  It is derived from an open pollination of proprietary Hydrangea macrophylla selection No. H3-11 made in June of 1998 inShizuoka,Japan.

USPatent PP21065, June 15, 2010

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