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More Macrophylla Variations

Who would have thought that there were still different variations and cultivars of the familiar Hydrangea macrophylla group.  Here a two very different flower heads from the same family. ... Read more

Quietly Getting on with It

A couple of hours on a sunny Tuesday morning pruning, edging and pulling out the weeds.  Who needs therapy! Read more

Getting Ready

The new leaflets have arrived and are in the process of being folded!  There is no machine!  Read more

Frosty and Sunny April 2017

You’ll notice from the photo there’s been a lot of frost damage over the past 2 weeks. The tips of the leaves on the top of the plants look... Read more

Every Little Helper

Volunteers have been looking after the 140 plants plant-breeder Jean Renault brought us last year, until they are big enough to go in the garden.  It doesn’t matter how big... Read more