2020 Gates Closing. Tuesday, 3 November 2020

The hydrangea season is coming to an end so we are closing the gates of the walled garden on Tuesday, 3 November 2020.  The outer garden stays open all year.  It’s been a funny old year what with one thing and another.  The hydrangeas suffered from the early drought and then the late frost but still managed to put on a grand display for our daily exercise allowance.  We couldn’t work as a group for a long time but somehow we managed to keep the garden looking like someone cared.  Thank you to all our visitors for your donations and kind comments.  We volunteers enjoy every moment we are in the garden; except perhaps as we do battle with the inevitable ivy, bindweed and nettles.   We have lots of new hydrangeas to put in during the off season which will make a good excuse for you to come and see us again next year.

If you wish to donate go to where you will find the Hydrangea Derby page.


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